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To create a freedom meetup group, first sign up as a team leader here. After your freedom meetup membership is confirmed, you can login to your account and from the navigation menu you can select “Create a Group” where you will be prompted to create a group and set your group’s profile details.


Freedom Meetup teams exist to secure our freedoms by reawakening awareness of our true authority to govern ourselves. We believe local communities govern best.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting Freedom Meetup.

We exist to unite local communities and help them work better, together. No two communities are exactly alike, and no “one size fits all” government can ever serve our beautiful, unique communities from a distance.

We have the solutions to tackle so many problems we face, and we can make the improvements we need and deserve.

Local citizens, families and leaders know best how to govern our hometowns. Freedom Meetup helps you do exactly this. Search for an existing group in your area or we’ll help you establish a new group with all the tools and support you’ll need.

We invite you to join us today and together, we’ll help you bring new strength, joy and prosperity to your hometown!”


Want to secure their families freedom by holding their local governments accountable


Commit to organizing in peaceful non-compliance, when the governments encroach on freedoms


Rely on your neighbors, and they on you, to secure your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness


One person can make a difference, by taking action. Freedom meetup is started, managed and maintained by you and like-minded people in your local community. You will find some plans below to help you get started to grow and suit your community needs.


Setting up a Group

Freedom Leaders set up a freedom meetup and then can assign team members and a facilitator.

Establish Team Leaders

They establish leadership teams for the identified objectives and who can assist in the content of the meetings, action plans and overall strategy.

Determine Meeting Logistics

They set up a format for weekly meetings in their area for their freedom team members to attend to share, plan, strategize and take action in restoring their freedoms locally.

Drive and Inspire Action

Freedom Leaders keep the team moving forward, staying focused and ensuring a healthy, active and productive community.


Attend Scheduled Meetings

Freedom Team Members attend scheduled weekly meetings for planning and strategizing on how they will take action in restoring freedoms locally. These weekly meetings establish their commitment to each other and the overall mission while building a beautiful community of like-minded patriots who will be there for one another.

Contribute Passion & Talent

Freedom Team Members are contributing their passion and talents in the mission of doing God’s work. Each team is unique with different needs and skillsets.

Encourage & Grow

Team Members are encouraging to one another as they do life together. They are actively seeking others to assist them in taking action. There are power in numbers and our strength is magnified when countless people stand together for our freedoms.

Offer Support and Love

Team Members have a passion for their community and offer their support as they do life together in an ever changing world. Freedom Team Members know their work makes a difference and are united in a common cause.


Concerned Voters of Georgia

Educating and empowering citizens about our election process to become an informed voter prior to casting a vote.

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Take Back K-12

Taking back American k-12 education by researching and educating parents/concerned citizens on harmful indoctrination and parental rights and mobilizing them to engage in legislation and school boards at the local and state level.

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Georgians Ending Trafficking

We raise community awareness to help reduce the number of potential trafficking victims. We also strive to reduce the demand through supportive legislation.

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Healthy and Informed Georgia

We exist to help provide an informed foundation to make wise decisions with your personal health and the health of those entrusted to your care.

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Legislative Liberty Alliance

Taking action in the legislative process to secure liberty and restore limited government, promoting legislation in furtherance of these goals and opposing legislation that is adverse thereto.

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Election Eagles

To identify and resolve vulnerabilities in our elections process at the county and state level, while educating others along the way and encouraging active involvement in the process.

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Warriors for Life

Warriors for Life seeks to educate our communities, promote life resources available, as well as to connect men and women to post abortion healing ministries. We also raise awareness of how minority communities have been historically and systemically targeted by abortion providers for profit and population control.

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