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Our Purpose?

The purpose of freedom meetup is to rely on each other to secure our sovereignty in times of worldwide uncertainty, Organized lies and Governmental tyranny 

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We Exist to connect individuals in

communities across the world who..


Wants to secure their families freedom by holding their local governments accountable


Commit to organizing in peaceful non-compliance, when the governments encroach on freedoms


Rely on your neighbors, and they on you, to secure your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

You are the last line
of defence for freedom

A little something to help you get started in the town where you live

Freedom meetup is started, managed and maintained by you and like-minded people in your local community

You will find some plans below to help you get started to grow and suit your community needs

Freedom Facilitators

Setting Up Format

They setup a format for each weekly hour meetings in their town, across the world for freedom developers to attend, share and commit to each other.

Setting Up Agenda

They setup the agenda each week, collect commitments from each other, and distribute the information accordingly top the freedom supporters.

Establishing Leaderdship Teams

They establish leadership teams who assist in the content of meetings and action plans as needed.

Orchestrating Neigbourhood Supporters

They orchestrate the neighborhood supporters to be there for their neighbor if ever in need of a non-compliance at their home or business, from a governmental agency, or agents violating constitutional law or individual rights.

Assist in Protocols

They Establish leadership teams who assist in protocols and levels for peaceful non compliance support and action plans needed.

Freedom Supporters

Committing in Writing

They do the actual committing in writing, that they will be there for their neighbor in case of governmental unconstitutional oppression.

Join Weekly Meetings

They Join the weekly meetings for an hour to re-establish, their commitment, to each other and, express their constitutional right to a peaceful public assembly.

Encouraging Others

They encourage others to attend weekly, because there is strength in numbers.

Offering Non-compliance Support

They honor their commitment to their neighbors, by offering their non-compliance support to their neighbors' home or business, when individual rights are unconstitutionally violated.

Prepared and Understand

They are prepared and understand the implications and ramifications of peaceful non-compliance support, before offering it to their neighbors.