Connecting with you, as a new member.

  • Connecting with you, as a new member.

  • carol

    April 29, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    I read as much data on the alternative sites as possible. I keep a book and legal pad to write the name and the interview. I take notes. I refuse to take this poison! Unfortunately, people I know and thought had some semblance of intelligence have all taken the shots! I think we are in a very small minority, which is also quite scary. As a music artist, I share time with other musicians playing out twice a week. I am taking a chance and I know it, I take a huge amount of vitamins with all the recommended of Zinc, D, C, Quercetin. along with many others. The thought of spending another year alone is nagging on me. I am retired from my former position, and sell online, and play music. We need to stay strong and connect with like-minded people. I thank you for having the courage to start a group like this and hope we will grow. I live in Rockledge, east coast, north of Melbourne. Saying hello to everyone in this group. Stay informed, stay strong. The photo~ I raise and release Monarch Butterflies.


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