• Warriors for Life seeks to educate our communities, promote life resources available, and to connect men and women to post abortion healing ministries. We also raise awareness of how minority communities have been historically and systemically targeted by abortion providers for profit and population control.

  • Taking action in the legislative process to secure liberty and restore limited government, promoting legislation in furtherance of these goals and opposing legislation that is adverse thereto.

  • We exist to help provide an informed foundation to make wise decisions with your personal health and the health of those entrusted to your care.

  • Take Back K-12 - Freedom Meetup

    PUBLIC / Group / 5 members

    Taking back American k-12 education by researching and educating parents/concerned citizens on harmful indoctrination and parental rights and mobilizing them to engage in legislation and school boards at the local and state level.

  • Educating and empowering citizens about our election process to become an informed voter prior to casting a vote.

  • We raise community awareness to help reduce the number of potential trafficking victims and trafficking demand through supportive legislation.

  • Election Eagles of Georgia - Freedom Meetup

    PUBLIC / Group / 4 members

    We identify and resolve vulnerabilities in our elections process at the county and state level, while educating others along the way and encouraging active involvement in the process.